EZ Energy designs, develops and builds affordable renewable energy installations.

The company was founded in 2009 to support the development of renewable energy.

EZ Energy has a broad knowledge and extensive experience with regards to the various technologies in the renewable energy sector. New trends and major developments are followed closely.

We offer the best technical solutions for our customers when selecting a power installation.
Important criteria in this respect are maximum yield and a guaranteed fast return on investment.

Our vision

Supplying affordable and clean energy.

Our mission

To provide a customized and innovative solution for our customers specific needs. We believe in a constructive, transparent and open communication with our customers.

As experts, we offer the best solution in terms of product type and service. At EZ Energy we deliver a high-quality service, focussing on a very strict follow-up on all agreements.

Immediate goals

Giving businesses the opportunity to infuse their excess capital into production, research and/or expansion.

  • Continuing our participation in building the infrastructure of electrical transport.
  • Providing individual residences/small businesses with the option of renewable energy, be it for investment, economical or ecological reasons.


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