Want to charge your home or your vehicle?

We offer solar panel solutions for your home or company and charging station solutions for every kind of electrical vehicle.

EZ Energy ensures that all the current and future consumers can rely on an efficient network of charging points.

Not only at home but also at work, in public places, at petrol stations, car parks, supermarkets, catering businesses, etc.
A network of charging points is indeed a necessity for easy mobility.

Why charging stations?

Electric and hybrid cars are on the rise.

The driving performance and range are getting better. The government rewards zero emissions and provides bonuses for electric vehicles. More and more car manufacturers are taking part in the green revolution and bring attractive models on the market.

All these factors increase sales and suggest that by 2020 more than 15% of all cars in Europe will be electrically powered. That means that there will be about 40 million electric cars in Europe, of which 1 million in Belgium.

The communication module recognizes all protocols so that the charging station can be used for all available models of electric or hybrid cars.

When used in a network the communication with the control system proceeds via standard Web Services (SOAP 1.2) but thanks to the modular design of the program, other protocols can be easily implemented. The charging stations can be easily linked to the central management portal of EZ Energy.

EZ Energy installs several types of brands of charging stations, e.g. Keba, Schneider and more.

The maintenance, management and remote updating ensures that the system is always up-to-date and fully functioning, now and in the future.


The Wallbox is an intelligent and user-friendly charging station for wall mounting. It can be used independently or in a network. In the latter case is centralized management via the central management platform EZ Energy possible. Thanks to the built-in controller and card reader (RFID) up to 150 different identified users can use the charging station. If identification is not required, the number of allowed users is unlimited.


  •   Authentication type Connection type kWh-Meter Magnetic protection
  • Home Optional Optional Yes Yes
  • Pro RFID Ethernet / GSM Yes Yes

Additional options

  • Extra outlets up to a maximum of 6
  • User Portal Interactive software
  • A master module which can control up to 8 wallboxes


Management portal

The management portal provides information about the availability of charging points and energy consumption. By using Google Maps, the administrator immediately has a graphical overview of its network and its status. Through the management portal user profiles can also be managed and concerned parties can be contacted. All reports are available in various formats excel, csv and pdf.

User portal

The portal allows users (through Google Maps) to find the nearest charging point and even reserve them remotely. Through the portal, users can manage their user profile, request or renew a subscription and contact other users inside the network. The program also provides an up-to-date overview of the consumption and associated costs.


We installed more than a 10000 charging stations.


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