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We offer solar panel solutions for your home or company and charging station solutions for every kind of electrical vehicle.

What is solar energy

Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into usable electricity.

This electricity can immediately be used to power your electric needs. If your installation generates more than the needed consumption, excess electricity will be injected into the grid, which is compensated by the government.


Why solar energy?

  • You provide your own energy which doesn't make you dependant on fossil fuels.
  • You save money on your electricity bill.
  • You recover the costs after an average of 7 years.
  • A photovoltaic panel generates power throughout the whole year, even in winter and when it's cloudy.

Grid parity

Green power is getting cheaper. On the other hand the price of "regular" power is rising. At a certain moment these will prices be equal. This is what we call "grid parity". Because of this trend it is evident to choose green energy or "home-grown" energy.


We installed more than 8000 solar installations.

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Can solar panels be built in the roof?

Solar panels, in case of a new residential construction, can be intigrated into the roof, Although we prefer an installation on top of the roof. This provides a natural ventilation for your panels and a maximum efficiency.

What happens with the cables?

Together will we determine how we position the cables between the different elements of the installation. In case of a new residential construction we advise a temporary cable from the attic to the fuse box in order to make the installation of panels easier.

How effecient are solar panels?

Because it makes sence that the sun shines more and longer during summer time than it does in winter, the efficiency is determined on a yearly basis.

How about the maintenance of the panels?

Thanks to the coating and the installation of the panels of 30 degrees, any dust that settles on the panels get washed away by rain.

What garanties does EZ Energy offer?

On panels from EZ Energy you get 10 years of garanty on your inverter and 20 years of product garanty on the panels.

Who does the administration?

Permits, subsidise contracts, etc. With solar panels there is a lot of paperwork. With EZ Energy you luckily don't need to spend any time or energy on this. Our administrative workers make sure all the formalities are in order.

For wich premiums am I elegible?

Find more about premiums, subsidies and application procedures on the Ministry of Energy website.

What to do in the case of theft?

The advantages of solar panels are unfortunately not overlooked by thieves. EZ Energy provides the ability to discourage criminals by using clever mounting solutions.


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